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The Who

Hello! My name is Rikki Anagnostis and I am the proud DogMom to Pickles, my black headed tricolor Pembroke Welch Corgi!

The Where


My husband and I are newly weds (July 18th, 2020). We live in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, PA. I grew up in rural Missouri, lived in Colorado for the bulk of my adult life and have traveled all around the world. 


The Why

I fell in love with this adorable little guy and wanted to have a portrait of him to hang above our mantle. I also got into Instagram for the first time and wanted a nice profile picture and some stickers to share with our friends. 

Being a self-proclaimed "DIY Queen", I scoffed at the $800 price tag for a giant canvas portrait created by others and decided to teach myself to draw and make my own for a fraction of the cost (that did not go as planned). 

The How


9 months of self-taught drawing classes, the purchase of an iPad, ApplePencil, Procreate App,  SkillShare subscription, Adobe Creative Suite, Wix website, domain name, graphic design classes, Canva Pro subscription, website building tutorials, tax filings and hours of pleading with these programs to work- I still do not own a giant floor to ceiling portrait of Pickles (turns out $800 was a steal)! However, I have earned a lovely new skill and I want to share it with the world! Each hand drawn portrait takes about 2-6 hours (which is way better than the 14 hours my first one took (see Lola in my portfolio). 

The What

The hand drawn digital portraits are my favorite products to create! The print on demand world is quite frustrating with image formatting, DPI's, image resolutions, shipping logistics, hidden fees and pricing. So instead of just offering a digital portrait product, I've decided to add a layer to my pet portraits and offer a print on demand product line of custom products! Instagram marketing also prohibits the sale of digital products, so that was also a factor. 

Pricing for each product is calculated off of the 2-6 hours each hand drawn digital portrait requires + the wholesale cost of the products your image is printed on using a special sublimation printer. I decided to make a cheaper option for those who wish to have custom products and not the digital portraits (without custom portrait). For those items, I will use the actual image you send me, remove the background and import it into the sublimation printing software for you! If you have a lovely photo of your pet and would like to have a customized product at wholesale cost, please check out the (without custom portrait) options on the products!. If cost is still has you in a pickle,  I encourage you to purchase a digital hand drawn portrait and take that file to your local Wal-Mart, Shutterfly or other printing service to have your custom products created there. There are so many coupons out there, especially if you are a first time customer!

The When


The "when" is now! As in go check out my store and portfolio pages now! I love drawing others pets and take great pride in each and every portrait. It's also a great form of meditation, as I am incapable of sitting still. If you would like a portrait of your pet and would like to create your own, I encourage you to follow in my footsteps! You can contact me in a more informal setting if you check out PicklestheCuteCorgi on Instagram shoot me a direct message


I am always evolving and creating new products, so check back often for new products. 

Have any questions about the products? Wish there was a special product not listed? 

Feel free to contact me via email at


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